Social Signals for SEO

SEO Social Signals

In olden times, to get your website to the top of Google you needed two things:  a website, and backlinks.  If you could get enough backlinks, you could get ranked right up there on the top pages of search.  Easy!  But then….Google got smarter.  The AI got better.

Social Sites are everywhere.
Your Social Brand Can Help The Signal

Now, Google looks at multiple dimensions of your website and online presence to determine the value and authority of your site.  Things that matter now:

  • Are you providing useful content that helps people searching for certain terms?
  • Are you real – do you have a presence on social media and Google business?
  • Are you a robot, or are you writing content and providing rich new material?

The social signals that show that you are real can be difficult to master.  Posting engaging content, having real connections and keeping yourself visible on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram isn’t easy.  Sometime people even outsource it.  Let’s face it, if you are Georgia DUI lawyer for instance, you should trust a Georgia SEO specialist to handle the day to day of your social accounts – you should be busy being a lawyer.

But if you are the little guy, trying to make it on your own without a marketing budget – don’t worry, you can still find tools that help.

You can be the prettiest woman in Georgia, but if no one is talking about you – you may not get ranked!