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Ketogenic Diet Affiliate Site

Today I’m taking a look at  They are a website that is set up to promote the ketogenic diet, as well as help people find food that supports the program.  I checked them out, and they are doing a fairly solid job of building a presence.  They have a Facebook site, a Facebook group, and of course a website.  They are missing a lot of other things that could help drive traffic and eyes to their site.

My first critique is that they need some design work.  The owner created the logo, and let me know that he doesn’t pretend to have any skills in this area.  I generally like the website itself, but I’d invest in branding that better and can be used across social platforms.

Social Sites are everywhere.
Your Social Brand Can Help The Signal

I’d also like to see more infographics and other shareable posts coming out of the site, and on a more regular basis.  This site feels slightly less professional because of the logo, the post frequency, and quality of materials available for download/purchase/sharing.

The page needs a Twitter, G+ and Instagram page.  Every social signal helps, and builds brand authority.

On a whole, I think this is a great site and a solid idea.  I’ll be interested in watching what develops.